GE Smallworld

Move Data into and out of Smallworld Systems

Use FME to efficiently move data between GE Smallworld™ GIS solutions for utilities and telecommunications planning and 400+ formats and applications.

Exchange Data Between Common Utilities & Telecom Solutions

Convert data between GE Smallworld and other formats and applications inherent to effective utilities and telecommunications planning like AutoCAD, MicroStation, CIM XML and PLSCADD. FME supports these and hundreds of other formats across many data types including:

  • GIS: ArcGIS, MapInfo
  • databases: Oracle, PostGIS, MS SQL Server
  • CAD: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • tabular: CSV, Excel
  • web-based mapping solutions: ArcGIS Online, CARTO
  • cloud-based systems: Amazon Web Services, Socrata
  • and many more
ge smallworld

Achieve Complete & Non-Destructive Data Migration

Achieve more than straight format conversion with FME's library of transformation tools that allow you to access and manipulate the contents and structure of a dataset, precisely mapping and preserving all its components to their proper place in the destination system. For added confidence, add a validation step to your FME workflows to ensure data's quality prior to import into Smallworld or any other application.

Boost Productivity with Efficient Workflow Authoring

Spend less time fighting with data and more time using it to make important decisions. FME Desktop features:

  • quick workflow configuration in an intuitive graphical interface
  • reusable, easily adjustable workspaces
  • transformations that execute with the click of a button and run automatically in the background
fme workspace ge smallworld
An FME workspace that transforms GE Smallworld data for use in AutoCAD.

Automate GE Smallworld Data Management

Use FME Server or FME Cloud to automate the flow of data between your GE Smallworld solutions and other systems taking advantage of self-serve data transformation, real-time capabilities, notification services, job scheduling, and support for mobile devices. FME Server also integrates with GeoSpatial Server so you can power web-enabled data sharing and mapping.

Watch a demonstration of how FME Server can be used to create a data download service for GE Smallworld where users choose their desired output format.

Two FME Product Options for GE Smallworld Users

FME Smallworld Edition

A version of FME that includes readers and writers developed by GE Smallworld’s core development team.
Free Trial

FME Database Edition + the SpatialBiz Plugin

An extra-cost plug-in that supports Smallworld reading and writing from the FME Database Edition. Available for purchase from Spatial Business Systems.

Learn more about your FME and Smallworld options.

About GE Smallworld

GE Smallworld refers to a portfolio of GIS software solutions for planning and designing networks and systems for the utilities and telecommunications sectors.