Autodesk Revit

Make Use of Revit Building Information Data

Broaden the reach of your BIM assets by using FME to extract rich information from models for use in the workflows of your GIS and other applications.

How Do I Get Started?

Once you have FME Desktop and Revit installed you're ready to go. If you do not have a licensed copy of FME Desktop you can download the Trial or use the FME Exporter for Revit plug-in.

Key Capabilities

Convert Data from Revit into 400+ Formats

Use FME to efficiently reformat and transform data for use in:

  • GIS applications: ArcGIS, MapInfo, Smallworld
  • CAD applications: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • web-based maps: Google Earth, Google Maps, ArcGIS Online
  • databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, PostGIS
  • 3D PDF
  • BIM
3D building shell data that has been extracted from Revit being viewed as a 3D PDF.

Extract Only the Parts of the Dataset You Need

One of the challenges in working with BIM datasets is their size and complexity. For many visualization and analysis tasks only parts of the building's design information are required and the rest is just excess baggage. Use FME to extract only the parts that are needed in the destination system. For example:

  • 3D building shells for analysis in your GIS
  • 2D floor plans for use in CAD applications
  • attribute information for use in spreadsheets
Watch a demo of how to extract data from Revit, integrate it with data from Excel for analysis, and present findings as a 3D PDF.

What Else Can I Do?

data integration  Integrate

Merge Revit with data from other applications for more detailed analysis.

data analysis  Analyze

Perform calculations using dimensions contained in BIM datasets.

data sharingh  Share

Extract and transform BIM creations into highly accessible intelligent 3D PDFs.

Efficient Workflow Authoring with FME

Configure workflows efficiently in FME Desktop's intuitive graphical interface, without any coding. FME workspaces run automatically without manual intervention, allowing you to focus on other tasks. For added productivity, FME workspaces are reusable and highly flexible, with components that are easily adjusted for changing requirements.

FME workbench example for Revit
A Revit transformation workflow in FME Workbench.

About Autodesk Revit

Autodesk Revit is building information modeling (BIM) software for design and construction professionals.