Comprehensive ETL Capabilities

Provide your organization with the insight needed for better analysis and planning by ensuring data is available to those who need it, when and how they need it. Eliminate data silos by integrating applications and databases through no-code extract, transform and load (ETL) processes.

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ETL Features

FME's data integration platform has all the tools required to accomplish practically any ETL scenario.

Broad Support for Databases, Systems & Applications

Access hundreds of data sources and destinations across a variety of formats, databases, applications, SaaS, web apps and tools that connect to any system with an API.

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Advanced Data Transformation & Validation Capabilities

Use FME Desktop to build workflows that move data between formats and different data models. Its no-code tools manipulate the structure and contents of data, while checking against quality assurance rules to ensure smooth loading into the destination system.

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Deploy workflows with FME Server (on premises or through FME Cloud) and access capabilities like scheduling, real-time data processing and notifications. Configure workflows that apply business logic to data and automatically replicate data and synchronize databases as changes are made to systems across the enterprise.

Productivity Features

Easy to Install

Get FME products up and running in minutes.

Easy to Use

Create workflows quickly in FME Desktop's graphical no-code interface.

Easy to Manage

Service oriented architecture enables ESB capabilities that make it simple to handle changes to integrated systems.

Easy to Scale

The technology is the same whether you deploy via FME Server or FME Cloud, enabling users to use both or transition between on-premises and cloud at any time without hassle.

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Customer Success Story

Surrey Health Borough Council

To prevent the siloing of data, the Surrey Health Borough Council and consultants from Sterling Geo used FME technology to connect cloud-based solutions and legacy on-premises databases and achieve automated enterprise data integration.

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Pricing Advantages

No Surprises

FME Desktop’s pricing includes all app & format connectors and tools.* FME Server & FME Cloud’s pricing includes all enterprise features.


FME’s flexible pricing model offers both fixed and pay-as-you-go options to accommodate users with different budgets.


FME has been designed for users of all technical skill levels. Deploy and manage workflows without writing any code or hiring consultants.

How to Use FME as an Enterprise Integration Platform

Learn how FME can be used as an integration layer around enterprise applications in this webinar.

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