CARTO Solutions

Connect CARTO to Other Data and Applications

Use FME to connect practically any data and application to CARTO.

Load Any Data into CARTO

Accurately migrate data from countless applications to the CARTO mapping platform. FME reads data from over 400+ formats and has advanced tools that manipulate the contents and structure of a dataset during translation to fit the model and schema requirements of the destination CARTO system.

Transform and load data from:

  • other cloud-based mapping platforms: Google Maps Engine, ArcGIS Online
  • GIS applications: ArcGIS, MapInfo, Smallworld
  • CAD programs: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • databases: Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and PostGIS
  • spreadsheets and tabular formats
  • web services: Salesforce, Amazon Web Services
  • XML-based formats
  • many more

“FME is a great choice for migrating data into CARTO. We recommend it as the all-in-one solution to migrate Google Maps Engine projects to CARTO.”  – Javier de la Torre, CEO at CARTO

Use CARTO Data in Other Places

Create workflows that read data from CARTO for use exactly how you need in any of the hundreds of applications that FME supports.

Become More Productive with Efficient Workflow Authoring and Automation

Create workflows quickly using FME Desktop’s intuitive, graphical work environment. Process run automatically in the background and can be saved for future CARTO transformation tasks.

With FME Server or FME Cloud take advantage of:

  • CARTO data loading and distribution services
  • job scheduling
  • notification services
  • real-time data processing
  • and more


CARTO is a cloud-based mapping solution for visualizing and analyzing location data. It features design and geospatial analysis tools, and allows users to share maps securely or publish them on the web.