Read from and Write to ArcGIS Online Feature Services

Move data between ArcGIS Online Feature Services and over 400 formats and make use of its unique tools for mapping and analysis anywhere, with any data. FME allows you to read, create, write to, and update feature services hosted on ArcGIS Online, integrating them with data and workflows from other Esri offerings, as well as:

  • non-native GIS applications: MapInfo, GeoMedia
  • other cloud-based mapping platforms like CARTO
  • databases: Oracle, SQL Server, PostGIS
  • CAD programs: AutoCAD, MicroStation
  • spreadsheets and tabular formats: Excel, CSV
  • XML based formats: KML, GML
  • and many more

Integrate ArcGIS Online Services into FME Workflows

Access ArcGIS Online's built-in spatial analysis services directly in FME workflows with custom transformers available to ArcGIS Online account holders in the FME Hub. Supported ArcGIS Online services include:

  • Geocoding - create points from addresses
  • Geoenrichment - access additional information about a location
  • Routing - find the best route between two or several locations
  • Network Analysis - create "drive-time" polygons

Demo: How to Leverage ArcGIS Online Services in an FME Workflow

Drive Time Polygon
Insert Drive-Time Polygon services into any workflow.

Visualize Any Data Against ArcGIS Online Basemaps

Visualize and inspect data from any source against ArcGIS Online basemaps. ArcGIS Online account holders may access its ready-to-use basemaps directly within the FME Data Inspector for additional context regarding how their data will appear after transformation with FME.

ArcGIS Online Basemap in the FME Data Inspector
An ArcGIS Online basemap displayed in the FME Data Inspector

Efficient Workflow Authoring & Automation with FME

Configure ArcGIS Online workflow quickly in FME Desktop's intuitive graphical interface, without any coding. Once executed, FME workspaces run independently in the background without manual intervention, allowing you to focus on other tasks. For even greater productivity, use FME Server or FME Cloud to automate interactions between ArcGIS Online services and your other applications with job scheduling and real-time capabilities.

Demo: Updating ArcGIS Online Data in Real-Time

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ArcGIS Online Basemaps in Data Inspector
An FME workflow using three of the custom ArcGIS Online transformers: Geocoding, Routing and Drive-Time Polygons

About ArcGIS Online

Esri's ArcGIS Online is a web-based mapping platform that enables users to use, share and collaborate spatial information from any device. It features ready-to-use maps, templates and apps as well as unique location analytics services.

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