Integrate & Transform 3D Data

Unlock the potential of 3D data through integration and transformation with FME. FME’s support for common 3D formats, comprehensive 3D transformation toolset and graphical user interface enables users to easily create and share visually informative 3D models.

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Create 3D Models

Transform 2D shapes to 3D or integrate disparate 2D and 3D datasets into mashups, taking advantage of their individual strengths.

Remodel 3D Data

Manipulate geometry types, style appearances, execute calculations and validate structures - just a few of the many 3D tasks possible with FME.

Share 3D Data

Write 3D data to a variety of formats for distribution and storage including 3D PDF and many commonly used spatial databases.

Diverse 3D Format Support

Bring together a broad range of 3D formats. In addition to hundreds of other 2D and non-spatial data formats, FME supports a wide range of 3D formats across applications and data types like CAD, BIM, GIS and point clouds. Notable formats include AutoCAD DWG, OBJ, Revit, SketchUp, IFC, COLLADA, 3D PDF, ArcGIS Shape and Geodatabase, LAS and more.

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Flexible 3D Transformation Capabilities

FME comes equipped with a library of transformation tools that assist with 3D manipulation.


Make changes to 3D structures to ensure they’ll work properly in target applications. For instance, use the GeometryCoercer to turn composite surfaces into solids.


Adjust the appearances of the surfaces of 3D objects. For example use the GeometryColorSetter to change surface colors.


Check 3D data for erroneous or missing geometry using the GeometryValidator.


Calculate physical measurements and statistics using tools like the VolumeCalculator.

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Quick and Easy Workflow Authoring

Let FME do the heavy lifting for you. With its no-code intuitive GUI, automated transformations with FME Desktop will save time and increase productivity. Workflows can be reused for future projects or tasks, reducing tedious manual tasks.

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Deploy 3D transformation and integration workflows to FME Server or FME Cloud and take advantage of scheduling, real-time event processing and notification services.

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About 3D Data

3D data is a term used to describe a wide range of formats and applications that assist with visual analysis of scenarios for industries like government, AEC, utilities, telecommunications and oil and gas. Whether using 3D data from GIS, CAD, BIM or other sources, FME has the tools to read, manipulate, merge and share it however you need.