Benefits of an ELA

Reduced Licensing Costs

Save money on FME Desktop, FME Server, and/or FME Cloud as compared to one-off purchases.

Reduced Procurement Costs

Instead of filing paperwork and requests for each license, do it once every few years.

Reduced Project Time Lag

As your project progresses, add new FME licenses instantly, eliminating costly time and project delays.

Predictable Budgeting

Your costs are fixed for the length of your term, giving you budgeting certainty over several years.

Unlimited Usage

Most ELAs let you use as many FME licenses as you want, without paying extra, for the length of your term.

Easy to Manage

Instead of multiple contracts to keep track of, combine everything into a single, centralized agreement.

Ready to Get Started with an ELA?

For more information or to discuss your organization’s needs, please contact us or a Safe Partner near you.

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