Benefits of Annual Maintenance

Software Updates

By keeping your maintenance current, you’re entitled to download and license new versions as they become available.

Technical Support

Quickly solve problems that arise by gaining access to FME experts who can assist with installation, licensing, defects, and backwards compatibility.

Full Trade-In Value

When upgrading to a higher FME Desktop edition, or when upgrading from a fixed to floating license, you can trade in your license and only pay the difference.

Predictable Budgeting

Include predictable annual payments into your budget planning cycle, ensuring that you always have access to the latest version of FME.

Ability to Add Users/Engines

Maintenance is required to modify an existing FME license, including adding incremental users to a floating FME Desktop license, adding FME Server engines, or adding a plugin.

Get the Latest New Features

Every new release sees exciting new capabilities added to the FME platform, and with current maintenance you’re able to keep your systems up-to-speed with the ever-changing world of technology.

How to Renew Your Annual Maintenance

To renew your Annual Maintenance, or for any questions, please contact us or a Safe Partner near you.

FAQs about Annual Maintenance

  • What is Annual Maintenance?

    Your annual maintenance entitles you to receive new software updates – without annual maintenance you would not be able to upgrade to newer versions of FME. Every purchase of FME Desktop or FME Server provides you with your first year of Annual Maintenance at no cost.

  • Does FME Cloud require Annual Maintenance?

    No. FME Cloud operates on a subscription model and so Annual Maintenance is not applicable to it.

  • How is Annual Maintenance priced?

    The amount due each year for Annual Maintenance is calculated at 20% of the software’s current list price. It’s important to note that annual maintenance costs for Staging and Test licenses remain the same as Production licenses. (While Staging licenses are initially purchased at a discount off of list price, we do find that the demand for ongoing support is equal, and often more, than for Production licenses.)

  • How can I renew my Annual Maintenance?

    If you’re listed as the Annual Maintenance contact, you’ll receive email reminders 65 days, and again 35 days prior to the expiration of your Annual Maintenance with instructions. If you would prefer to pay earlier, or have any questions, please contact

  • How does an upgrade affect my Annual Maintenance?

    Besides the fact that you will receive full list value credit on your traded in license, your new FME (higher edition or more flexible license type) will receive one full year of Annual Maintenance from the date that the trade takes place.

  • What is your support policy?

    We recognize the importance of providing useful and timely support to our users and believe it’s part of what sets Safe apart. Learn more about our support policy.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

    To pay by credit card, you will need to phone in your details or complete a fax form – please contact to make arrangements. We aim to have online credit card processing available soon.

  • Can I change my AMC end date?

    Yes. If you want to change the end date of a license, or have multiple licenses with different expiration dates and would prefer to consolidate them on a single renewal, please contact Let us know which date works best, and we’ll send you a pro rata proposal.

  • I just added a user to our floating license – how does that affect Annual Maintenance?

    When you add an incremental user to a floating license, or an additional engine to your FME Server, then its Annual Maintenance is automatically added to the renewal for the primary license and pro-rated to align the end date with the rest of the serial number.

  • Can I pay for more than one year of Annual Maintenance at a time?

    Yes. If you prepay more than one year then the current year will be priced as normal and any future years that are processed and paid at the same time) will be eligible for a 5% prepayment discount. (One exception: if you’re adding additional users to a floating license or additional engines to your FME Server, then you cannot prepay Annual Maintenance for just a portion of the license. In this case, the entire serial number must be renewed and not just the individual parts.

  • My Annual Maintenance expired – what now?

    No problem! You can bring your Annual Maintenance up-to-date, without any penalty or admin fee, by paying all outstanding applicable fees from the original date of expiry to the current. Depending on how long your Annual Maintenance has been expired, you may need to pay multiple years. Please contact for a reinstatement quote.

  • Can I purchase Annual Maintenance through a Safe Partner?

    Yes, we’re happy to work within your procurement requirements and will work with your chosen Safe Partner to complete your Annual Maintenance renewals.

  • Can I renew Annual Maintenance on a hardware-locked FME license?

    Yes, but there are some things that you should be aware of. We stopped offering hardware-locked licenses back in 2010. We support FME itself, but no longer support licensing issues found with this license type. If you do run into licensing issues, let us know. You may choose to downgrade and switch to the Fixed license type (no credit), or we are happy to offer an upgrade to the Floating license type (no charge), whichever works best for your organization. If you choose to switch, future Annual Maintenance fees will adjust accordingly – they will be commensurate with your chosen license type.

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