Working with FME in an Agile Software Development Lifecycle

FME has often been demonstrated to accomplish a number of complex tasks on isolated Server and Desktop applications. However, is it easy to translate our experiences within our more comfortable GIS/Data Management environments, and work with FME in a multi-tiered, multi environment Agile software pipeline. Can FME be developed, tested, performance tested, version controlled and released iteration after iteration? Can we automate the deployment of the software? Can we automate the deployment of "code" (which in our case are workbenches)? Our presentation will demonstrate how we implemented FME as a successful contributor to a government digital exemplar within the UK. It is now live, operating 24/7 in secure hosted environments integrating with a multitude of different applications and databases. It has been configured to complete easy deployments with scripting, continuous integration tools and automation. We have made our ventures into implementing git-flow on our workbenches to allow agile team collaboration and code review whilst maintaining robust and resilient software.
Presentation Details

Richard Ford

Co Presenter:
Peter Woodford (Sopra Steria)

Presenter Company:
Sopra Steria

FME International User Conference 2017