Winter Maintenance Management System Bavaria

The extreme seasonal weather conditions during the winter months in Bavaria present a serious challenge to road maintenance services in the region. Maintaining the flow of traffic throughout the road network requires a winter maintenance service that operates effectively and with foresight. One of its main tasks is to coordinate the 600 public and 700 private service vehicles deployed to keep traffic moving along Bavaria's 22,000 kilometres of roads. Together with Germany's National Meteorological Service (Deutscher Wetterdienst), we integrate and distribute reliable and highly actual weather information and forecasts. This presentation shows how FME Server is used to integrate weather information and forecasts from different web services almost in real-time. The data provided by FME Server is used in a web-based information system that is part of the daily work of the road authorities.
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Sören Dupke

Presenter Company:
con terra GmbH

FME International User Conference 2017