Using FME and Setics Sttar Design Automation Software to Industrialize FTTx Network Design

Setics Sttar is a Design Automation Software that speeds up the design of FTTx Networks. Wrapping Setics Sttar as a transformer in FME opens the capabilities of chaining complex processing into macro tasks that can be applied repeatedly to large territories. In the context of France National Boradband Plan that aims to cover 90% of homes by 2022, leading to the increase of the number and volume of projects, using FME in combination to Setics Sttar, revealed to be a powerful combination to industrialize some aspects of the design phases. The presentation will focus on giving a concrete view of the way it is used and will target an audience of decision-makers and network designers involved in the roll-out of fiber networks.
Presentation Details

Alain Meller

Co Presenter:
Michel Ayoun (Setics)

Presenter Company:

FME International User Conference 2017