The Online Shopping Experience for Accessing Data: Powered by FME Server

Do you need to ship data to your customers? Do you spend too much time querying, clipping and delivering data while other work piles up? Come see how York Region is using FME to enable data self-service through a familiar e-commerce experience. In the past, licence agreements, manual data clipping and FTP delivery could take upwards of a week to complete. Today, our users shop for data using a familiar e-commerce interface modeled after leading online shopping sites. This is all made possible by integrating the shopping cart with FME. The end result: users get the data they want, in the requested format and projection they want, whenever they want it. Meanwhile, staff resources are freed up to work on other pressing projects.
Presentation Details

Brendan Coles, Regional Municipality of York

FME World Tour 2015

Government (Local)