Solutions for Digital Data Checking

Currently, the majority of plans received by governments are in digital format which has the benefit of increasing the detail and quality of the data captured for end users. However, the switch to digital plans has also increased the work required to collect and quality control submissions. Often government staff must manually catalogue and review to ensure that submissions are: • In an acceptable format; • Of sufficient quality; and • Compliant with established business rules. Let us share with you our experiences on implementing FME functionality to help automate processes, enabling plans to be submitted online and pre-screened to ensure that all mandatory information is provided before further processing or inclusion in other government systems. Digital Plan Checking, using FME, has been implemented across Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia (BC) and is customized for each jurisdiction specific requirements for business rules and workflows, ensuring a perfect fit.
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William Tober

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FME World Tour 2018

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