Road Safety Data Integration using FME

The City of Edmonton Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) has a vast amount of transportation and traffic safety related data at its disposal; however the ability to extract relevant, meaningful, and accurate information in a timely manner has been a challenge. Utilizing FME, the OTS is able to create an integrated traffic data system by linking datasets together based on their geometry, such as vehicle collision, traffic volume and speed, traffic enforcement, crime, roadway network, signalized intersections, license premises and land use data. A repeatable workflow can be created that cleans and processes different data sets before transforming them into a standard format and integrating them into a single source database. This integrated data system helps provide timely, consistent, complete, accurate, and accessible information that meets strategic, tactical and operational needs of all stakeholders.
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Brandt Denham

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City of Edmonton - Office of Traffic Safety

FME World Tour 2014

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