Reporting Summary Information of Spatial Datasets and Non-Compliance Issues Using FME Workspaces

An overview of two groups of FME workspaces implemented at the Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE) that include the generation of reports in Excel format is presented here. The first group includes data validation and data compliance assessments. An example showing Self Validation of Spatial Data Input from DND Bases using FME Server is presented. The second group, implemented using FME Desktop, includes the creation of statistical reports for some key datasets distributed by MCE. Two examples of FME workspaces are presented here: the first one showing reports created for NRCan CanVec plus charts, and the second one showing reports created for Open Street Map (OSM) data delivered in FGDB format for custom AOIs.
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Martin de Zuviria

Presenter Company:
Mapping and Charting Establishment (MCE)

FME World Tour 2016