PSS Sincal Network Modelling from GIS Data Using FME

We have developed a FME script process which translates GIS data into electrical network representation of the GIS data. The process calls a third party library dll to create an empty PSS Sincal database schema. The script process then reads the GIS data in cartographic representation, decomposes and reforms the data and writes to the PSS Sincal database in both cartographic and schematic representation for use in PSS Sincal to run electrical network scenario models. The Sincal network modelling database represents the map and schematic representations using Siemens geometry format consisting mainly of ordered nodes and polylines stored in various database tables with primary and foreign keys to maintain the table relationships. The process we have developed reshapes the GIS data from esri geodatabase to the Sincal representation tables. Cartographic representation and a topologically correct electrical network representation are created in the process. And the script process will reuse schematic representation if one is available and passes primary and foreign key data integrity checks. Once the script process is run against a GIS database of an electrical network electrical network engineers can run under and overload scenario modeling against the network.
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Steven Cyphers

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FME International User Conference 2017