Making FME Your ESB

Integrating different systems using a point-to-point approach quickly becomes costly and difficult to maintain. Instead, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) enables platforms to be integrated in a scalable, resilient way. But many ESB platforms and frameworks are expensive and require significant up-front implementation effort. And typically they cannot handle spatial information very well. So why not use FME as your ESB? It has all the capabilities of a traditional ESB such as data transformation, publish/subscribe mechanisms, and real-time messaging. In this presentation we will describe how FME can be used as an ESB, using an example of a local government integrating their 311 service requests with work order systems and asset management repositories. We'll also touch on key considerations and design patterns for making FME your ESB platform.
Presentation Details

Neil Hellas

Presenter Company:
Spatial DNA

FME International User Conference 2017

Government (Local)