Making Data Actionable with FME

With recent digitalization there is universally more data created and being made available. It is a bigger task to consume, manage and analyze that data for insight. To enable deep understanding and extraction of those valuable bits of information that spark the "aha" moments in Oil and Gas and all other businesses, it is even more important today to have data management processes that enable anyone to easily interrogate the data for meaning. With increasing use of interactive dashboards, the rise of self-serve analytics and of the "citizen data scientist", data must be made readily available, reliable and consumable to support a variety of interpretations. This makes data “actionable” enabling individuals to act on, investigate and make conclusions from their data. We currently use FME to enable loading, to validate, modify and blend data, to get basic statistics and calculate measurements. This creates a better starting point for analytics. In addition, as the world becomes more digital and location becomes increasingly important, we rely on FME to spatialize information and intend to make more use of GIS type functions. These capabilities make for time efficient processing and improves people’s ability to work with data in a meaningful way. As management consultants specializing in interactive dashboards delivered on Microsoft's Power BI platform, we find that FME as a data manipulation tool adds and to the Microsoft experience. We still utilize the tools developed by Microsoft but can engage the data at a higher level to quickly find the stories we are trying to reveal with data.
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Paula Jennings

Presenter Company:
Fuzeium Innovations Inc.

FME International User Conference 2017