Leveraging FME to Help Collect Defaulted Fines

Fine collection is an important revenue stream for municipal and provincial governments and when an offender doesn't pay a fine, tax payers end up footing the bill. These unpaid fines add up to a significant dollar value so there is a strong incentive to collect them, but also to do so efficiently and economically. With this in mind, York Region, with the support of Teraflow Geomatics, has developed an FME based workflow to help increase their rate of delinquent fine collection. John and Brian will discuss the business case for seeking an automated way to match offenders with property ownership data and describe the FME based workflow that was developed to realize this plan.
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John Zoltak

Co Presenter:
Brian Popowich

Presenter Company:
York Region

FME World Tour 2018

Government (Local)