Hey Dude, Where's My Workspace? - Where Are All the Workspaces of My Organization and What Are They Doing?

Working with FME for over 10 years, the City of Zurich has implemented workspaces in a variety of uses cases and levels. FME workspaces are processing data sources on a high number of Desktops and Servers, in production and integration environments. To gain a general overview and control over all workspaces and answer the question where are all the workspaces and what are they doing, con terra let FME Server eat FME's own dog food and implemented FME workspaces to gather metadata about all FME processes at the City of Zurich. Join this presentation to see how you get control of all the knowledge and experience hidden in the workspaces distributed in your organization.
Presentation Details

Mirko Ulfig

Co Presenter:
Mark Doering (con terra GmbH)

Presenter Company:
City of Zurich

FME International User Conference 2017