FME Usage for Mobile Mapping Based GIS Data

Mobile mapping involves driving a vehicle with cameras and/or laser scanning equipment mounted on the vehicle, in order to acquire geometric and schematic information for buildings, infrastructure and other notable features. A computer program called VISAT Station then utilizes image and/or 3D laser scanner data in order to produce GIS data outlining the positions key features (GIS data is in the form of points, lines and polygons). GIS data with accuracies of a few centimeters can be produced by using the image and/or 3D laser scanning information provided. FME is subsequently used to convert data formats for GIS data produced so that such data can be utilized by other computer programs to generate fully processed data for clients.
Presentation Details

Wesley Teskey

Co Presenter:
Mohamed Elhabiby (Micro Engineering Group)

Presenter Company:
Micro Engineering Group

FME World Tour 2012

AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)