FME Technology: Batteries Included

In this presentation, we will explore a phenomenon that FME use with many organizations has evolved from basic format conversion, data extraction and transformation tasks to systems integrations and even creating/generating complete, ready to use solutions which include data, analytics, and web applications. Alternative title for this presentation could be "FME Technology and Disruptive Innovation." We will show examples of building web viewers with raster and vector tiles, automating the generation of floor plans from BIM for TRIRIGA Space Management system, documentation and metadata with restructured text and Sphinx, and use of Box/Google Drive as image management system for 360 photos.
Presentation Details

Alexander Stepanov

Co Presenter:
Mark Anderson, Niels La Cour

Presenter Company:
UMass Amherst

FME World Tour 2018

AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)