FME Server Based Applications at Work

We would like to showcase two web based applications that consume FME Server Services to perform various tasks like data uploads, job scheduling and coordinate conversion. The first application is a Data Upload application that allows business data owners to perform on-Demand updates to Production/Test/Development Environment. Additionally, Scheduling capability has been incorporated into it, which allows data owners to schedule jobs on FME Server. This application consumes FME Server REST API's to invoke a published workspace or set up a scheduled job on FME Server. The second application is a Coordinate Conversion application that converts coordinates between different coordinate systems(geographic/Projected). This has a clear user interface with only the parameters that users need, clear coordinate system names, clear datum transformation method names etc. The wait time associated with a local software install to perform coordinate conversions is now eliminated. Additionally, this application allows for a companywide standard that can be used for verifying correctness of coordinate conversions in other software packages.
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Atiul Sowdagar

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Talisman Energy

FME World Tour 2015