FME Helps Oil & Gas Companies Save Time and Enrich Data

Oil & Gas companies have numerous commercial, contracted and internal data sets and struggle to make sense of them, load them and get them to the right people and systems. LOGIC uses FME to automate loads and enrich data for various Oil & Gas clients. FME helps these organizations save time and money by automating repetitive tasks while providing the ability to enrich data and add additional fields that improve decision making. Specifically, LOGIC worked with BP Lower 48 Onshore to automate cumbersome IHS and Drillinginfo data loads, among others sources, into Esri Geodatabases. LOGIC also used FME to calculate new fields and data sets to identify trends and competitor activity based on spatial attributes. Further, spatial and non-spatial quality checks are done during the ETL process in order to ensure wells that are supposed to be in South Texas do not wind up off the coast of Africa. Similar efforts were done for three very large Oil & Gas mid-tiers recently.
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Todd Buehlman

Presenter Company:
LOGIC Solutions Group

FME International User Conference 2017