FME for Mobile GIS

LatLonGO® is sometimes connected ERP Mobility System that won the 2015 APAC Spatial Excellence Export Award for its SAP Integration capabilities. The software allows for native export of Smallworld/ESRI/AutoCad/OracleSpatia and QGIS features geometries and attributes without loss of cartographic quality. The FME® LatLonGO® writer extends this capability to all FME® supported formats therefore supporting true any data (GIS & SAP) - anybody (simplicity by design) - any client (native iOS, Android, Windows) anytime (offline) geospatial ERP Mobility capability. The LatLonGO® data format is encrypted and compressed providing bullet-proof end device security while allowing for true inter-operability between disparate source GIS. This is crucial for large utilities/telcos maintaining several different GIS and CAD systems wanting to interchange and overlay each others data.
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