FME Applications in New York City GIS

The Citywide Street Centerline Database (CSCL) is the authoritative source for location data used by New York City's public safety agencies (NYPD, FDNY) for 911 call-taking and dispatch. It is an ESRI enterprise geodatabase that is jointly maintained by 2 city agencies- the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications and the Department of City Planning. Designed more for data maintenance, CSCL is not easily accessible by the day-to-day GIS user. This presentation will show how we have applied FME to create a version of CSCL that is better suited for general GIS tasks and made it available to all city agencies, to the public via NYC Open Data, and to Batman.
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Chris Rado

Presenter Company:
NYC Dept. of Technology and Telecommunications

FME World Tour 2016

Government (Local)