FME and Throwing off the Spatial Blinders

If you've got a spatial ETL task, most certainly hitch the plow to your horse 'FME' and get the job done. But what if you were bold enough to instead throw a saddle on your trusty steed? Where could it take you and your data? You already know what's on the other side of the field, but what's on the horizon? Saddle up and ride, FME can take you there. At Grant PUD we grew tired of traversing the countryside on foot, dragging our rapidly aging languages and code along with us. It wasn't until we were faced with a timeline that traditional coding couldn't meet that we took a gamble and jumped on FME's back, we haven't looked back since.We'll take a brief look at how Grant PUD has, and continues to replace many of its business critical interfaces with FME, and the benefits gained.
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Gerald Dotson

Co Presenter:
Aaron Koning

Presenter Company:
Grant PUD

FME International User Conference 2017
FME World Tour 2017