FME + ThreeJS = Freedom to Fly

FME is a great tool when we need to generate 3D models using all kinds of source data. Visualization part, however, is less exciting. It provides invaluable information about the geometries and attributes, but it is lacking many interesting effects other visualization software have.ThreeJS is a powerful JavaScript library for 3D visualization, which supports 3D geometries, scenes, materials, lights, different navigation modes, and a lot more. It works in any WebGL browser on all platforms.By using FME and ThreeJS together, we can easily create very interesting, visually appealing, easily shareable output.Using a traditional FME approach, we don't need to write JavaScript code for each scene. We write it once, and then use short snippets of it within FME transformers to create an HTML file with 3D model and stream it directly to a browser.The presentations tells how to make a simple Flight Simulator by using free satellite and DEM data, assembling JavaScript code with FME, and opening the output directly from Workbench.
Presentation Details

Dmitri Bagh

Presenter Company:
Safe Software

FME International User Conference 2017