Our First 60 Days of FME

The City of Sacramento are relatively new users of FME and they seek to rationalize their suite of arcpy python scripts and esri model builder workflows into FME scripts they can run at a higher frequency free up their staff, license loading and easily adapt the workflows as the data models change. The changes in data models are sometime due to forces outside their control where they will require a dynamic solution to ingest the data; or by their design to modify their data as they federate their enterprise data and aim to push the results to a different database endpoints. The processes they are undertaking are enrich parcel, address, and ownership data into enterprise GIS datasets and passed as data products to stakeholders via FTP to stage data for other cloud based property data services to consume. Keeping all of the data moving and current was proving to be a burden on their GIS staff and was holding up their baseload work or map production, analysis and data QA. They needed to accomplish all the data tasks and spend less time supporting the fragile development workflows using python and model builder to process their data.
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Stephen Cyphers

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FME World Tour 2017

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