The European Data Portal - Using FME as an Indexing Engine

More and more volumes of data are published every day. The amount of data across the world is increasing exponentially. A substantial amount of this data is collected by the public sector. For the re-usage of the existing data one of the key aspect is the ease of accessibility. The European Data Portal harvests the metadata available on public data and geospatial portals across European countries. Portals can be national, regional, local or domain specific. They cover the 28 EU Member States, EFTA countries and countries involved in the EU's neighborhood policy. This presentation will show how FME technology is working together with Harvesting and Gazetteer Services. And how it can be used to index various spatial datasets and spatial data services. FME is used to help making data accessible over a focused web portal and providing machine readable API.
Presentation Details

Benjamin Quest

Presenter Company:
con terra GmbH

FME International User Conference 2017

Government (Federal)