e pluribus unum: Hypercompact Data Translation in Spatial and Non-spatial Data OR You Don’t Need Dozens When One FME Will Do

Michael Baer, GIS Analyst Lead for Saint Louis County MO, created an FME work space that replaces a dozen model builder work spaces and completes the same task in an eighth of the time. The task is combining a non-spatial database with our parcel fabric in order to create parcels that not only know what jurisdictions they are in but also all taxing and real-estate data about them. The entire parcel fabric is close to 400,000 polygons in size. With an additional 100,000 polygon created in the process for jurisdictional purposes. The original model builder set up would require the entire day to complete, but the FME takes only an hour. Which greatly increase the number of time that we can now refresh our data. My presentation would focus on how to gain efficiencies in FME and translate old and/or failing processes into FME.
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Michael Baer

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Saint Louis County MO

FME World Tour 2016

Government (Local)