How can you create user friendly 3D-models, on-the-fly, in-the-cloud and FAST?

We all know that tailoring data to different software (ArcGIS, Sketchup, AutoCAD, BIM Vision+++) often requires some preparation. For regular 2D (point/line/area) this is true, when moving to 3D-data it is even more difficult. Norkart's solution can create new 3D-models when any of the 4,694,215 buildings in 426 different municipalities of Norway get changed. You'll learn how to integrate FME with existing “in house code”, how to speed up processing from 1-2 hours for a small area to 10 minutes and what to think about when writing to 12 different 3D formats at once.
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Sigbjorn Tillerli Herstad

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FME World Tour 2018