Connecting Field Operations and the Corporate Office - FME Server as a Near Real-time Processing Engine for Logistics Data and Wildfire Monitoring

This presentation shows how Devon uses FME Server to pull, process, and write FLA (Field Logistics Application) trucking Logistics data to our Enterprise SDE Geodatabase in Near Real-Time using RESTful web services and how the data is being consumed by different groups of people throughout our business. The presentation will also focus on some of the challenges, benefits, and next steps that Devon has seen throughout the process. The second part of the presentation illustrates how Devon uses FME to consolidate various data sources (both government and public) to help our emergency response and executive teams to make better and more informed decisions to minimize the destructive effects annual wildfires have on our community.
Presentation Details

Mark Giesbrecht

Presenter Company:
Devon Energy

FME World Tour 2016