3D Solution Templates - Making the World 3D

3D Solution Templates are a collection of Workspace templates for processing 3D data with a special focus on how to handle the OGC standard CityGML available (soon) on FME Hub. OGC CityGML is a exchange and storage format for 3D geoinformation that describes the geometry, semantics, appearance and topology of complex 3D features. It is used as a national 3D GIS standard in many countries, e.g. Germany, Netherlands, and Singapore. The 3D Solution Templates have been developed in a cooperation between con terra and virtualcitySYSTEMS. Attendees will gain insights in the Workspace templates which cover topics such as reading, writing and validation of CityGML, related datamodels like INSPIRE and also a various number of 3D formats like 3D PDF and Sketchup.
Presentation Details

Lutz Ross

Co Presenter:
Christian Dahmen (con terra GmbH)

Presenter Company:
virtualcitySYSTEMS GmbH

FME International User Conference 2017

AEC (Architecture Engineering and Construction)