Value-Added Reseller (invite only)

Note: All VARs are also Solution Providers

Grow your organization with the total data integration solution.

Attract more customers

As more data is used, the need for integration is growing. Represent FME in your market and also get referral business from Safe Software.

Retain your clients

Goodbye one-off projects! Our customers tend to expand their usage of FME over the years, with new license purchases and requests for services.

Grow your business

Enjoy the stability of a more diversified business, with new opportunities for revenue growth.

Value Added Resellers are a long standing, elite group of partners at Safe Software who have led the growth of FME into new markets, supporting and gaining the trust of customers worldwide and our staff. Over their years with Safe Software, they have demonstrated:

  • Excellent & proven track record of commitment to FME and the success of the the FME Community
  • Leaders in knowledge sharing and building capacity of our users
  • In-depth knowledge of FME - with Certifications in FME Desktop, FME Server and Training
  • Well trusted experts amongst staff

How VARs Take Partnership to the Next Level

VARs follow up promptly on business referrals from Safe Software for leads in their region or industry of expertise.

  • Listings on for corporate profile, training courses, and events
  • Invites to VAR Meetings, VAR Bootcamp Training sessions, and to collaborate on user events
  • Access to resources in Safe Software's VAR Portal and exclusive VAR newsletters and webinars

As their FME business grows, they have the potential to move up to Gold or even Platinum and enjoy enhanced recognition and additional perks. Annual scorecard metrics must be achieved to retain VAR levels.

As a proven member of the Safe Software Partner Community, VARs resell and support FME software solutions. Significant metrics (sales, corporate participation, training and certification) must be achieved to be considered for the VAR Program. Most successful VARs have been active in the FME Community for 10+ years.


  • Solution Provider in good standing
  • Invitation from Safe Software Partner Team

Questions about your VARs, contact