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Lafayette, United States (Head Office)

About Modern geoSystems

We bring 30+ years of expertise with software engineering methods such as smart modularization, prebuilt components, automated regression testing, advanced version control, and agile project management to bear on the ever-increasing scope and complexity of FME Server and FME Cloud enterprise integration/automation projects. We've successfully pressed FME into service as the enterprise integration workhorse for our own business, as well as those of several happy customers.

Looking to Become a Partner?

Our FME data integration platform is growing, and is used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. As a Safe Software partner, you can provide localized versions of FME, be a Managed Service Provide (MSP) for FME Cloud, develop software, services, or tools that leverage FME, and much more. Let’s create seamless experiences together.

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