Le-Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland (Head Office)


INSER is committed to providing software, solutions, support and training for your projects. We also develop innovative solutions such as, an FME-Cloud based platform which makes FME easily accessible to everyone. Our services are available in French, German and English.

Product Sales Technical Support Training Consulting / Services FME Cloud MSP (Registered)

Albin Viquerat

FME Certified Professional

Damiano Luzzi

FME Certified Professional FME Certified Trainer

David Reksten

FME Certified Professional FME Certified Server Professional

Eulalie Sauthier

FME Certified Professional

Jean-Luc Miserez

FME Certified Business Professional

Régis Longchamp

FME Certified Professional

Looking to Become a Partner?

Our FME data integration platform is growing, and is used by tens of thousands of customers worldwide. As a Safe Software partner, you can provide localized versions of FME, be a Managed Service Provide (MSP) for FME Cloud, develop software, services, or tools that leverage FME, and much more. Let’s create seamless experiences together.

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