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About Avineon – Tensing

At Avineon & Tensing we breathe data. Together we provide services and solutions in data integration, data quality, data interoperability, data analytics, data usage and data visualization on a global scale. We are thought leaders when it comes to spatial intelligence. We have over 30 years of data-experience, together putting forward one of the best-in-class certified FME teams worldwide. We offer certified FME courses from our professional training facilities (or just join a virtual training).

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19 employees hold FME certifications.


  • McLean, United States (HeadOffice)
  • Waardenburg, Netherlands
  • Hitec City, India
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Traverse City, USA



Services Offered:

Employees with Certification

Gert-Jan Boos

Pim Christiaans

Thomas Merkus

Xander den Duijn

Felix Parmentier

Abdirahman Arraye

Martin Lips

Jeroen Bloemsheer

Mahender Edelli

Cynthia de Vos

Anne Jop de Jong-Mateboer

Menno Schepel

Stefan van den Berg

Ramachandra Nodagala

Madeleine van der Toorn

Brooks Kelley

Martin Koch

Tom Broersen

Hang Yu

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