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Whether it’s informally, or at an already established FME user group, the community of FME users continues to meet up in cities around the world. For 2019, Safe is launching a new initiative to thank and empower our community leaders by providing ongoing support and infrastructure. Equipped with these tools, group leaders can instead focus more on what they know and love: talking about FME and data.

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If you’re interested in starting an FME Meetup Group, or are already running one, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch later on with more information on the program and its benefits.

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Note: If numerous people are interested in leading a group in a certain area, they will be encouraged to meet up to discuss how they can work together as part of a leadership team for the betterment of the community. Best practice indicates that a user group is most successful when run by more than one individual.

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