iPaaS: Integration Platform as a Service

The solution for seamless integration of cloud-based applications and services

What Exactly is iPaaS?

At the highest level, iPaaS are a new generation of cloud-based solutions that facilitate the integration of applications, processes, and data that reside both in the cloud and on-premises.

Who Needs iPaaS and Why?

Organizations both big and small are moving their operations to the cloud, adopting different SaaS, PaaS and IaaS tools to take advantage of features that can add up to significant cost and time savings benefits, including:

  • low cost of entry
  • painless upgrades
  • scalability
  • higher adoption rates
  • and others

At some point, most realize that they must tackle key integration challenges in order to achieve interoperability between cloud-based and on-premises applications and keep their data accessible, in sync, and up-to-date.

This is where iPaaS solutions come into the cloud migration equation. These types of solutions provide tools that enable you to securely connect cloud applications and on-premises systems and data in a customizable way, with automation, to ensure they work together seamlessly.

FME Cloud iPaaS: Automated Application Integration

Through cloud-based deployment of connections created with FME’s leading data integration platform, and FME Server’s enhanced automation, the FME Cloud iPaaS allows you to seamlessly integrate hundreds of cloud-based and on-premises applications - with complete control.