Integrate Mapbox MBTiles Using FME

Use FME to integrate your data with the MBTiles format. Create workspaces easily in the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and view how your data changes with each step in the FME Data Inspector if needed. FME will soon become your go-to data tool!

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Transform MBTiles Data with FME

The MBTiles format uses SQLite to store and send data to users on web or mobile platforms. It is a lightweight format that breaks down your spatial data into many uniform grid tiles which allows for 22 zoom levels. With FME you can create and transform MBTiles data to display your features and corresponding data just the way you want it.

Leverage Your Data

With FME you can transform your data into the MBTiles format. MBTiles files are made up of multiple raster files (potentially millions!). Use the Maps SDK from Mapbox to view your MBTiles in iOS, Android, Web and even in Unity, a game development platform. Bring your spatial data to the next level using interactive platforms where your data can be rendered quickly by users.

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MBTiles Format FME
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Automate MBTiles Conversions

FME is designed to improve your productivity so you can spend more time using your data and less time fighting with it. Integrate MBTiles with CSV, GeoJSON, KML or any of our 400+ supported formats to create the data masterpiece you’ve been dreaming of. Run your conversion workflows in the background with FME Server while you imagine all the new projects you will now be able to do!

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More Data, Less Problems

Working with multiple large datasets can be an intimidating task (even for data- crunching aficionados!). Using MBTiles tilesets will help relieve you of this fear and make mapping fun again! There are a variety of FME data transformers like the Tester and AttributeManager that will help you manipulate your MBTiles data for your exact needs.

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Common Conversions

FME lets you integrate many applications and file formats. Here are some of the ways our users convert Mapbox MBTiles.

GeoTIFF logo
Mapbox MBTiles logo
Esri ArcGIS Shapefile (SHP) logo
Mapbox MBTiles logo
Esri ArcGIS Shapefile (SHP)
Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) logo
Mapbox MBTiles logo
Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW)
Mapbox MBTiles logo
KML (Keyhole Markup Language) logo
KML (Keyhole Markup Language)
FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial.


The table below outlines how Mapbox MBTiles is supported by our different FME products, and on which platform(s) the reader and/or writer runs.

Product OS
FME Desktop FME Server FME Cloud Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Linux Mac
Reader Professional Edition & Up
Writer Professional Edition & Up

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