Integrate Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) Using FME

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Solve Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) Interoperability Problems with FME

Convert data from hundreds of formats into high quality ECW files for use exactly how you need. Use FME’s transformation capabilities to reformat, restructure, resize and reproject a wide range of data types to fit the requirements of ECW raster files including:

Conversely, use FME to extract and transform data and imagery from the ECW format to suit the format, file size and data model requirements of the destination system.

About Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW)

Enhanced Compressions Wavelet, or ECW files are typically used to store aerial and satellite imagery due to their ability to compress large images while maintaining their visual quality.


The table below outlines how Enhanced Compression Wavelet (ECW) is supported by our different FME products, and on which platform(s) the reader and/or writer runs.

Product OS
FME Desktop FME Server FME Cloud Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Linux Mac
Reader Professional Edition & Up
Writer Professional Edition & Up

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