Integrate CityGRID City Model Using FME

Use FME to import data into the CityGRID XML data format, and share data from CityGRID with users of other applications.

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Solve CityGRID City Model Interoperability Problems with FME

Convert data between CityGRID and 345+ formats supported by FME, the world’s leading data transformation technology. Advanced tools give you tight control over transformations allowing you to preserve and share raw data including:

    • photogrammetry
    • surveying
    • laser scanning
    • and more

FME also converts CityGRID data into hundreds of formats for use in other applications, such as CAD, GIS, and raster, while preserving hierarchical structure and attribues. Build automated, reusable CityGRID data workflows without writing any code, saving you time and increasing your productivity.

About CityGRID City Model

CityGRID enables users to model and maintain data for every building in a city with database-driven 3D urban models that facilitate analysis.

Common Conversions

FME lets you integrate many applications and file formats. Here are some of the ways our users convert CityGRID City Model.

Esri ArcGIS Shapefile (SHP) logo
CityGRID City Model logo
Esri ArcGIS Shapefile (SHP)
CityGRID City Model logo
Autodesk AutoCAD (DWG) logo
Autodesk AutoCAD (DWG)
CityGRID City Model logo
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) logo
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
GeoTIFF logo
CityGRID City Model logo

* Note, this plugin is available from a 3rd party. Contact UVM Systems GmhH for more information.

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