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Use FME’s data conversion and integration platform to transform any data into the Apple Venue Format (AVF) and load it into Apple Maps’ indoor mapping feature.

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Create Enriched Apple Indoor Maps Using a Variety of Data Sources

Convert to Apple Venue Format

Major airports and shopping malls around the world are using Apple Maps’ indoor maps to enable guests to navigate complexes with their mobile devices. To make this possible, data from disparate sources must be converted into the Apple Venue Format. With its support of AVF and hundreds of other formats across CAD, BIM, 3D, GIS and database applications, FME enables users to integrate and load data from various sources into AVF and produce informative indoor maps in the Apple Maps application.
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Move any data into AVF

Transform, Integrate & Validate Data

More than format conversion software, FME has a library of transformation tools that manipulate data structure to fit any target data model. It also has validation tools that ensure an AVF dataset is of high quality and will display properly when loaded into Apple Maps.
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Experience Time Saving Usability & Automation

FME’s usability and automation features bolster productivity by eliminating code and manual processes. Build AVF conversion workflows quickly using FME Desktop’s intuitive graphical user interface and point and click tools. Create workflows once, save, and use over and over as buildings inevitably undergo changes. Run workflows with the click of a mouse and turn focus to other tasks. Deploy workflows using FME Server or FME Cloud and take advantage of scheduling and real-time event processing.

Demos: Creating AVF Files with FME

Converting Tririga Floor Plans to AVF

YVR Airport Using AVF for Indoor Mapping

About Apple Venue Format (AVF)

Apple Venue Format is the data format of Apple Maps’ indoor location mapping feature which is in use by several airports and malls around the world. It enables users to navigate around large complexes of shops and other points of interest.

Common Conversions

FME lets you integrate many applications and file formats. Here are some of the ways our users convert Apple Venue Format (AVF).

Esri Geodatabase (File Geodatabase API)
FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial.


The table below outlines how Apple Venue Format (AVF) is supported by our different FME products, and on which platform(s) the reader and/or writer runs.

Product OS
FME Desktop FME Server FME Cloud Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Linux Mac
Reader Professional Edition & Up
Writer Professional Edition & Up

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