How FME Helps the Telecommunication Industry

The rise of social media, mobile applications, and the information revolution are all a result of the advancements in telecommunication. To ensure that your services are always up to speed, you need to have complete control of any and all of your data. That’s where FME comes in.

Prepare for Inevitable Growth

As the world population continues to grow, more and more people will be relying on telecommunication services to stay connected. Integrate your data to get a better sense of the big picture for optimal decision making.

Improve and Refine Your Data

Accurate data is essential for providing consistently fantastic service to your customers. Each action you take, whether it be altering spatial network drawings or tidying semantic errors in an attribute table, will help you continue to exceed expectations.

Send Alerts with Real-Time Information

In today’s society, the quickest way to reach a person is via their mobile phone. Send alerts about weather conditions or other safety concerns directly to individuals to keep them safe and aware of their surroundings.

Convert and Integrate Data Formats

Don’t let proprietary data formats limit the way your organization works through its problems. Transform your data exactly the way you need it so that you can always use the programs that work best for you.

Share Crucial Information

For telecommunication services to function, underground cables, service towers, and other major physical infrastructure is required. Distribute this information to “dial before you dig” services and others by converting your data to easily shareable formats.

Build Effective, Up-to-Date Maps

Prepare your data for a GIS and build out network maps that your field workers, customers, or any other stakeholders to access and use. Automatically update any curb, building complex, or cell tower as soon as the data is available.

Customer Stories


If anyone understands the importance of GIS data in telecommunications, it’s Ponderosa. FME gives the team a faster and more flexible way of migrating AutoCAD data to MS SQL Server. With the automation power of FME, they save 6-8 hours of daily effort. Ponderosa has also leveraged the highly developed spatial capabilities of FME and use it to perform their GIS queries as they find it more efficient than other GIS systems.

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Pelmorex Corp

Pelmorex Corp is the parent company to Canada’s “The Weather Network” and “MétéoMédia” which many Canadians rely on for daily weather information. FME was a key tool used to create the Pelmorex Lightning Detection Network (PLDN) which makes lightning strike data available in real-time. Thanks to FME, setting up the PLDN only took 3 weeks and the service now runs automatically.

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NYC Dept. of Information Technology and Telecommunications

The Citywide Street Centerline Database (CSCL) is used by New York City’s public safety agencies for location information about 911 calls. With FME, the GIS team converted and restructured to CSCL data to enable more intricate analysis and make the data accessible to other city agencies.

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "Ad hoc queries were probably the biggest surprise for us, just how many awesome GIS tools are inside FME itself. Not just for converting data, but actually analyzing, doing overlays, clipping, manipulating spatial data. That proved very valuable for us."

    Tim Jones, Ponderosa Telephone Co.
  • "Without FME Server we would have had to build a custom solution, and the estimate just for a prototype solution was six to seven months."

    Jim Saini, Pelmorex Corp.
  • "FME allows me to replicate a lot of the processes I do and I get to spend time doing more interesting things, not the same old mundane process."

    Scott DiGiacinto, Korem

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