How FME Helps State & Provincial Governments

Data is a mission-critical yet underutilized asset in government. By implementing an enterprise data integration solution, state and provincial governments can improve operational efficiency, increase situational awareness, and better serve citizens with connected, trusted, and valuable data.

Enhance Public Service Delivery

Build web applications and workflows to support data portals that keep your government transparent with open, comprehensive data. Increase situational awareness and improve emergency response by updating data in real-time. Run standardized workflows automatically to increase efficiency and enhance public engagement.

Make Authoritative Data Accessible

Consolidating, updating, and sharing data across different systems and agencies can help your state or province better support key initiatives, such as emergency response and Next Generation 9-1-1. Implementing a non-intrusive data integration solution helps you complete projects on time and on budget.

Strengthen Data Culture

With emerging technologies and more data to work with than ever before, government agency leaders embracing “data culture” and looking for ways to maximize the value of data, make data-driven decisions, and achieve their missions. By incorporating data culture, your teams can work together more cohesively.

Empower Data Modernization

Streamline your operations to meet modern citizen needs by transforming legacy data, integrating cloud solutions, and building workflows to maintain data integrity, all without having to code. These efforts will increase scalability, improve performance, and reduce operational costs along the way.

Customer Stories

Iowa Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation in the state of Iowa has been able to leverage FME to do some amazing things. Internally they’ve cleaned up, validated, and integrated datasets. For the public, they’ve built APIs that make live traffic feeds accessible to anyone. As a bonus, they created the Plowcam to report and display road conditions online in the winter.

Learn More About IDOT's Story

Iowa DOT Uses FME to Serve Transportation Needs

Arkansas GIS Office

The state of Arkansas was able to migrate over three terabytes of data to the Amazon S3 system and over four terabytes of historical data to AWS Glacier using FME. The amount of money saved by making this change saved the department over $200,000!

Learn More About Their Story

Arkansas GIS Office

State of Indiana

Making data from 92 counties available through an open data portal is no easy feat. But, the State of Indiana was able to streamline their efforts by using FME. By building custom workflows and using automation capabilities, they were able to transform, homogenize, and deliver their data exactly as needed and enable greater inter-governmental collaboration.

Learn More About the State of Indiana

State of Indiana

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "FME fills a void I didn’t even know existed before. The way it makes the incompatible compatible is phenomenal. Though it’s in the background, what a difference it makes in the job that it does!"

    Dennis O’Connor, KDOT Aviation
  • "FME was the best solution we knew of, and had we tried to do it another way, we probably would have failed before we even got started."

    Jim Sparks, State of Indiana
  • "Using FME Server, we were able to centralize our area's geo-related data and make it accessible to users while leaving our existing databases intact."

    Peter Huser, GeoGR Inc.

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