How FME Helps Regional Governments

The departments that make up your state or provincial government play a vital role in the lives of many. Use FME to manipulate data from different resources to ensure that you are always making the best decisions to help those in your region.

Deliver Data and Reports

Well-built open data systems are essential for implementing open government guidelines as it will help both you and your customers process data efficiently. Share this data or use it to create data products and reports that deliver intelligence about public awareness and safety. Even automate emergency alerts via SMS to citizens!

Integrate Data for Economic Success

To help your economy advance, you first need to understand the financial state of your region by analyzing the data. FME can help you integrate your data on taxes, funding, and other finances so that you and your team know where to allocate funds next. Need more? Convert this information into business intelligence formats for further analysis.

Plan for Infrastructure Development

As your region continues to grow, it will be important to carefully plan out how various municipalities and localities will develop and remain connected. Data from various sources can be aggregated into a single enterprise database to aid in decision making about how to support communities throughout your state or province.

Make Social Support Services Accessible

Healthy and safe communities are what contribute to thriving and successful regions. To ensure that your state or province is able to provide resources to those who need them, it is important to first understand the demographic data. Location-allocation strategies can then be used to provide resources for affordable housing, childcare, and aging populations.

Customer Stories

Iowa Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation in the state of Iowa has been able to leverage FME to do some amazing things. Internally they’ve cleaned up, validated, and integrated datasets. For the public, they’ve built APIs that make live traffic feeds accessible to anyone. As a bonus, they created the Plowcam to report and display road conditions online in the winter.

Learn More About IDOT's Story

Iowa DOT Uses FME to Serve Transportation Needs

Arkansas GIS Office

The state of Arkansas was able to migrate over three terabytes of data to the Amazon S3 system and over four terabytes of historical data to AWS Glacier using FME. The amount of money saved by making this change saved the department over $200,000!

Learn More About Their Story

Arkansas GIS Office

Natural Heritage Information Centre

The Natural Heritage Information Centre (NHIC) has been collecting information on animal and plant communities for the province of Ontario for years and wanted to migrate the data into a geodatabase system. An easy task when you have FME. Now data is located in a centralized source that can be easily accessed by staff to help clients and stakeholders.

Learn More About NHIC's Data Migration

Natural Heritage Information Centre

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "FME fills a void I didn’t even know existed before. The way it makes the incompatible compatible is phenomenal. Though it’s in the background, what a difference it makes in the job that it does!"

    Dennis O’Connor, KDOT Aviation
  • "FME was the best solution we knew of, and had we tried to do it another way, we probably would have failed before we even got started."

    Jim Sparks, State of Indiana
  • "Using FME Server, we were able to centralize our area's geo-related data and make it accessible to users while leaving our existing databases intact."

    Peter Huser, GeoGR Inc.

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