How FME Helps Federal Governments

No matter what department you are a part of in the federal government, you are bound to run into data issues. Whether it’s big data storage or cloud technology, FME can help! By creating an optimal back-end data storage system, you will be able to deliver intelligence to anyone, anywhere.

Deliver Data and Reports

Well-built open data systems are essential for implementing open government guidelines as it will help both you and your customers process data efficiently. Share this data or use it to create data products and reports that deliver intelligence about public awareness and safety. Even automate emergency alerts via SMS to citizens!

Land, Water, and Resource Management

By emphasizing the big picture, potential natural resource issues can be discussed sooner rather than later. Use your data to create predictive models that help determine how best to mitigate risks or build dynamic environments by generating 3D models from 2D data to aid in decision making about land management and site selection.

Connect Regions and Departments

Integrate datasets across states, provinces, and departments to keep everyone connected. Having accessible data will help to increase efficiency in project management as well as create a cohesive work environment. Doing so will assist efforts in defence, transportation, and health throughout your country.

Migrate Data to Advanced Applications

Moving your data into formats used by modern applications is a great way to ensure that your data is safe and secure. FME can automatically transfer data from legacy systems into standard formats needed for modern federal government database or cloud software in no time.

Customer Stories

Australian Government

Data distribution can be difficult, especially when you have terabytes worth of data to deliver. With FME, Geoscience Australia was able to automate the delivery of elevation data in areas selected by users via email. This system reduced costs by 600%, manual effort by 80% and delivery speed by 98% resulting in data requests increasing from 2,000 a year to 12,600 requests a year!

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GeoScience Australia uses FME Cloud for their Elevation Information System ELVIS

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE)

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics was tasked with the huge feat of mapping the entire country at a scale of 1:250,000. With FME, the team was able to transform, validate and share up-to-date maps of Brazil automatically. Now, creating additional maps at different scales can be easily made and delivered to anyone who needs it.

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Using FME Automation to Map Brazil at 1:250,000

Ordnance Survey

From data management to complex spatial problems, FME has been able to assist Ordnance Survey in various projects. Whether it’s delivering location information to first responders or building 3D models for the public to view, the Product Development team know that they can rely on FME to help complete tasks quickly and effectively.

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US Homeland Security
Statens vegvesen

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What People Are Saying About FME

  • "By unifying the available data, we estimate that the LGII will reduce search and collection time by 40%. That decreased duplication and improved efficiency equal a cost savings of nearly 5 million euro."

    Saulius Urbanas, Lithuania National Land Service
  • "FME’s proven to give us a lot of advantages as to how we can help our customers, both internally and externally, maintain good quality over their data."

    Berk Bayer, Northrop Grumman & BLM National Operations Center
  • "With FME adding spatial ETL capabilities to our ArcGIS Server, we can obtain any dataset in any specified format in a matter of seconds. Removing the time-consuming data conversion tasks from our users allows them to be far more efficient and productive."

    Emanuel Schmassmann, swisstopo
  • "You leave the office in the late afternoon to go home. Then FME takes over, and the next morning you come back, and it’s all done. What more could you wish for?"

    Gido Langen, NRCan Surveyor General Branch

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