How FME Works

  • Connect Your Applications

    Use FME to convert data from A to B. Or perform complex enterprise integrations. Either way, no coding is required.

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  • Transform Your Data

    FME includes hundreds of powerful transformers to manipulate data structure and content.

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  • Automate Your Workflows

    Turn any data processing task into an automated workflow with FME. The world may run 24/7, but you shouldn't have to.

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FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data. Run workflows on the desktop or deploy them in a server or cloud environment.

FME Desktop

Build repeatable data conversion and transformation workflows using a drag-and-drop interface.

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FME Server

Automate workflows built in FME Desktop, and run them on a schedule or in response to triggers.

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FME Cloud

Choose this pay-as-you-go model to let us take care of hosting and managing your FME Server instances.

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Connect Your Applications

Convert Virtually Any Format

Incompatible systems? With FME it's a thing of the past. FME lets you move data between 400+ formats and applications, while preserving data quality throughout the conversion process.

Serious About Spatial

FME provides native support for location data, including the complexity of GIS, CAD, and BIM. Plus, with a library of over 5,000 coordinate systems, our projection is that FME will work for you.

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Connect Your Applications

Transform Your Data

Turn Raw Data Into Anything

FME lets you mash up data and output whatever you need, however it's needed. Maybe you need to take satellite imagery, overlay incidents reported on Twitter, and create a real-time map. Whatever you need to do, FME can help.

Hundreds of Transformers at Your Disposal

FME is the Swiss army knife for your data. It includes hundreds of transformers, tools that perform powerful data manipulation tasks and give you complete control over what your data looks like and how it's structured.

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Transform Your Data

Automate Your Workflows

Turn Manual Tasks Into Automated Workflows

All FME workflows are reusable. Even better, they can be set up to automatically run whenever new data is received, or scheduled to run at any time interval – in the middle of the night, once a month, or every second. The choice is yours.

Keep Data In Sync Across the Enterprise

Many tools can sync data, so what sets FME apart? Yes, FME can easily handle large volumes of complex, real-time data. But its true strength is that it does all of the above while letting people continue to work uninterrupted in their preferred environment.

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Automate Your Workflows

FME Mobile Apps

The time has come for data integration to be taking place directly from your smartphone! FME Mobile Apps are free to download and ready for you and anyone else to use, regardless of technical skill and FME expertise. Whether you want to have fun or have critical data to work with, take it to the next level by experiencing data integration in the palm of your hand using FME.

  • FME AR
  • FME Data Express
  • The Restaurant Model

    Nobody returns to a restaurant with horrible service, even if the food's delicious. That's why we follow the "restaurant model" at Safe Software, eager to provide top-notch service and support alongside an amazingly powerful product.

    Twitter: "I love one piece of proprietary software and it is SafeSoftware FME."
     Twitter: "If you are a company wanting to see how customer service/support is done, then take a look at SafeSoftware."
    Twitter: "SafeSoftware followed up with me today regarding a very low priority request (I'd forgotten about) from Nov 2011."

    You're in Safe Hands

    Sorry, we couldn't resist the pun - but it's true! For over 20 years, FME has been trusted worldwide. Meet our customers.

    United States Census Bureau
    Natural Resources Canada
    BC Hydro
    San Antonio Water System
    IOWA Dot
    Federal Aviation Administration
    US Army Corps of Engineers
    City of Vancouver

    Customer Stories

    • "I love FME because it's so fun to use."

      Anton Sandström

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    • "FME is the coolest way to get data from A to B."

      Benjamin Quest

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    • "I love FME because it's like the Swiss army knife of GIS."

      Roland Martin

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