Non-Profit Research Grant Program

Safe Software wants to come alongside you in your efforts to improve our world

Free FME licenses can help you spend less time fighting data incompatibility and more time achieving your goals

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Apply today and you can receive all of this for free!

  • FME Desktop & FME Server Licenses
  • Upgrades as they become available (service packs & new releases)
  • Technical Support
  • FME training materials
  • Demonstration data
  • Self-study materials & tutorials
  • Online & on-demand courses taught by accredited FME instructors

Applicants must be a private, not-for-profit organization or an individual. Grant licenses may only be used for research or other unfunded projects. Qualifications are based on financial need, commitment to spend the time needed to learn how to use FME, and ultimately how the research project will benefit society and/or the environment.

There are no cycles or deadlines. Apply today using the form below:

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  • Program & Funding

  • Use of FME

Get ready to go! Check out the getting started materials now, and sign up for an online FME Course or two. They’re free!