Platforms and Deployment

Operating Systems FME Desktop FME Server
Windows Operating System

FME Desktop can be installed on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows. FME Server must be installed on 64-bit Windows. Refer to this FAQ for more details.

Windows 10 Yes Yes
Windows Server 2019 Yes Yes
Windows Server 2016 Yes Yes
Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 Yes Yes
Mac Operating System

Note: FME on macOS does not support case-sensitive file systems.

macOS v10.15 Catalina Yes No
macOS v10.14 Mojave Yes No
Linux Operating Systems
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Recommended distribution) Yes Yes
Linux Mint 19 Yes Yes
Debian 10 Yes Yes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (EPEL 7 repository required) Yes Yes
CentOS 7 (EPEL 7 repository required) Yes Yes
Oracle Linux 7 (EPEL 7 repository required) Yes Yes
Docker No Yes
Kubernetes No Yes

FME Server should run on almost any virtualization provider's platform, on any supported operating system. FME Desktop additionally requires GUI support (most leading vendors such as AWS and DigitalOcean provide this, but a small number of other services may not).

Custom Installation of FME Server

The recommended installation option for FME Server is either Express or Distributed. If you need to perform a custom installation of FME Server, then you can learn more about the recommended web application servers, databases, and more in the FME Server Recommended Installation Scenarios.

Recommended Hardware Requirements

Pentium® 4, AMD Opteron or newer with 8GB or more of RAM and 20GB of available disk space. While FME products can operate on legacy hardware, additional memory, faster CPU and disk will significantly improve processing time.

You can easily scale FME Server's processing power by purchasing additional FME Engine licenses. For optimal performance, we recommend that each engine have a dedicated core. If you want to deploy FME Server without the constraints of hardware, learn more about FME Cloud.


Please note that in languages other than English, not all product components have been translated. In addition, non-English versions may have later release dates. The release dates and scope of translation varies based upon the provider – please contact them directly for full details.

Language FME Desktop FME Server
Chinese Provided by Beijing Antu Provided by Beijing Antu
English Default Language Default Language
French Provided by Geonov
Provided by Graphland
Provided by Veremes
Provided by Geonov
Provided by Graphland
Provided by Veremes
German Provided by con terra Provided by con terra
Japanese Provided by Pacific Spatial Solutions -
Spanish Provided by con terra Provided by con terra
Tech specs for past versions of FME can be found on the FME Community
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